Algorithmic Hedge Fund

High return with managed risk

Intelex is the perfect balance of capital protection and creating a stable level of income.

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About Intelex

- Profitability up to 60% per annum, in cryptocurrency or standard USD;
- Monthly payments in a convenient payment method;
- Creation of personal portfolios for holders;
- Reduced managed risk using high-frequency trading (HFT) - every second algorithmic operations that a person is not capable of;
- All actions of the algorithms are checked daily by professional traders in four time zones;
- A team of professionals in the field of programming trading and processing systems, economists;
- Our algorithms are based not only on many years of practical experience, but an important part is scientific research;
- An economically protected profitability tool with a funded plan.

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Btc Plan Test

4.9% Hourly

USD 0.01 - USD 10.00

Ethereum Plan Test

4.6% Hourly

USD 0.80 - USD 100.00

Bnb Plan Test

3.8% Hourly

USD 5.00 - USD 1,000.00

Usd Test

5.0% Hourly

USD 10.00 - USD 100.00

Bnb Test 1

4.0% Hourly

USD 10.00 - USD 10,000,000.00


3.3% Monthly

USD 100.00 - USD 299.00

Bnb Monthly

5.0% Monthly

USD 100.00 - USD 10,000.00


3.9% Monthly

USD 300.00 - USD 50,000.00


4.4% Monthly

USD 50,001.00 - USD 500,000.00


4.7% Monthly

USD 500,001.00 - USD 100,000,000.00
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Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money online from a computer or phone?
So this is for you!
- Multilevel referral program;
- Payment for each attracted deposit ~ 1% (customers who came at your recommendation);
- Additionally, a monthly payment of ~ 1% of the attracted deposits;
- The income of our partners from 1000 US dollars monthly;
- Minimum time costs;
- Once brought customer, will bring you income on an ongoing basis;
- To start earning you just need to register in the system and get a unique identifier, by which the system will understand that the visitor came thanks to your efforts.

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